The Black Mariah Theater was called "sparkly witch-rock" by a reviewer after releasing their first full length album "Patron Saint", and since then has taken the moniker and run with it. Their genre-defying sound takes influences from jazz, to pop, to rock; but it's the twin sisters' infectious energy and angsty attitude that brings a cohesiveness to their sound. Anyone who has ever had a bad day, a lonely night or a broken heart can relate to their lyrical storytelling. 

The Black Mariah Theater self-released their first EP "Black Hearts" in 2017 (on 7" vinyl & all online streaming platforms), their first full-length album "Patron Saint" in 2020 (CD & online), an acoustic EP "Acoustic Covers" in 2021 (online only), and their newest record, "Mean to be Mean" (on limited edition DIY cassette tapes, and all streaming platforms) in 2023. 

The band have toured across the US, at music festivals and conferences, and opened for some of their favorite artists like Olivia Jean, The Velveteers, Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!), Low Cut Connie and Kiss the Tiger!

Interested in merch? All art, designs and photos are original works done by the sisters.